Custom Laser Light Hats

Want your favorite logo on a Laser Light Hat?

These one-size-fits-most hats utilize a Single Color Mini Module installed in a rugged welt attached to the edge of a customizable hat. A 350 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery and USB charger are conveniently mounted inside the hat as well.


Provide the following information in the form below and we will reach out to you to exchange further information (including artwork format and file for hats, color mix, etc.) so that we can provide a detailed quote:

  • Company or group name
  • Quantity of interest (Minimum order quantity of 25 hats with the same artwork)
  • Desired delivery date

"Our laser hat got a lot of attention on the tradeshow floor. It allowed our sales and marketing team to break the ice with new customers, and provide a unique gift to our loyal customers. Not only is the technology cutting-edge, but our order was also delivered on time despite a tight schedule. You can’t go wrong with Versalume’s laser light wearables!"

-  Olivier Jerphagnon, Founder at PowWow Energy, Inc. 

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