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King’s Laser Lighting is the best underwater lighting solution for both home and professional aquariums.

Engineered to be waterproof, flexible, durable, and ultra-bright, King’s Laser Lighting is the only underwater lighting product that you can trust to customize your tank and make your aquarium really shine!

Oh - and it’s powered by lasers!

Until now, underwater lighting solutions of this quality have only been available to professionals. But even professionals haven’t had access to this new laser technology and have had to risk installing dull, point-source, bulky, and hot LEDs in a delicate ecosystem.

At the core of King's Laser Lighting is Versalume technology. The product is so bright and uniform because laser light is piped into a flexible glass light-diffusing fiber. The laser and drive electronics are housed within a waterproof control module and powered by a standard USB power source.

Product Specification:
  • Laser colors: Red, Blue, or Green
  • 10 feet of 2.0mm waterproof laser lighted cable
  • Waterproof control box (IP-67 rated)
  • Modes of operation: cycle between off, solid on, blink on & off, and fade
  • 18 inch electrical USB cable
  • USB wall charger (AC) included
  • Suction cups to hold fiber in place along tank wall
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Ultra Bright & Uniform

King’s Laser Lighting is powered by lasers (literally!) so it’s the brightest, most uniform lighting product on the market. The product is 10 feet in length and comes in three colors: red, blue, and green.

Flexible & Durable

Made with a very special bendable light-diffusing glass fiber, King’s Laser Lighting is both flexible and durable - making it the perfect technology for permanent underwater use and beautiful designs.


Since the fiber is glass, it’s inherently waterproof, just like the walls of many tanks. We’ve even made the control module IP-67 rated, meaning that it will operate in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes - if not longer!

King's Laser Lighting comes with three modes of operation: solid on, blink on & off, and fade. Simply push the button on the control module to cycle through the three modes or turn the laser off.

The fiber can be wrapped around any of your in-tank accessories or attached to the walls of your tank using the clear section cups we've included.

Aquarium professionals and enthusiasts have loved the prototypes and early samples of King's Laser Lighting and have helped us to make the product ready for your tank.

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