Pedego Dealer Special: Laser Light Charge & Sync Cable


Are your customers enjoying their Pedego bikes? We certainly are. That's why we've launched our newest product - the 2 meter Laser Light Charge & Sync Cable - to Pedego dealers first.

Our laser light cables allow Pedego riders to personalize their electric bike for extra visibility and safety while giving them the convenience of charging their phones at the same time. Thanks to their brightness, these laser light cables are sure to impress day or night and are a great way to add some entertainment to any Pedego ride.

Our 1 meter cable was a huge success on Kickstarter and now we're excited to announce our 2 meter cable for Pedego riders. Check out our Kickstarter video:

Feature Versalume Laser Light Charge & Sync Cables in any low-light environment or take it with you at night as a decorative and safety accessory. Use it on the go with a USB battery charger or in your car charging outlet; this cable works with any AC adapter. You're sure to dazzle and impress with this expertly designed technology.

Product Features

  • Cable uses a "breathing" feature to show that the device is charging.
  • Cable light stays on for 30 minutes while not actively connected to device.
  • Cable blinks 5 times when device is charged or disconnected from power.

Product Specifications

  • 2 meter (~6 feet) cable length, 6mm wide, and 3mm thick.
  • Designed to meet universal Type A USB and micro USB standards.
  • Each purchase includes a Lighting adapter for Apple devices.
  • The cable is available in 2 colors: Red and Blue.

Questions? Email us at and we'll get back to you soon.

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