FAQs from Our First Pre-Order Week on Kickstarter

Week 1 Results from KickstarterWe're officially entering our second week of the Laser Light Charge & Sync Cable Pre-Order Campaign on Kickstarter. We'd like to send a big thank you to everyone who has already submitted their pre-order -- We're 25% of the way to our goal! 

Many of you also had some great feedback and questions for us regarding Kickstarter and why we are using it as a pre-launch platform. So, for our email this week, we wanted to highlight some of your most asked questions.

What is Kickstarter?

Founded in 2009, Kickstarter is a new, global product launch platform with over 13 million users. All kinds of products are available there including technology gadgets, apparel, and much more! Makers choose Kickstarter as their launch platform because it helps them drive demand for what they're making -- sometimes even before the products are built. Today, over 3 billion dollars worth of products have been purchased through the Kickstarter platform.

Why is Versalume on Kickstarter?

As a home for innovative products, we decided to use Kickstarter as part of our pre-launch activities to get the word out about the Laser Light Charge & Sync Cable. In addition to driving orders before the product is made, Versalume also benefits from buzz from Kickstarter, Kickstarter's partners, social media, and more. The more pre-orders we get, the faster and more cost-effectively we can bring our new lighting applications to market. And, we'll be passing those savings on to you! We couldn’t be more excited to be on Kickstarter.

Why Pre-Order Now vs. Later?

We want to get the most from Kickstarter. The sooner we get to our goal of 25K in pre-orders, the more promotion we get from Kickstarter. So, if you're considering whether to buy now or wait until the end of the month -- don't wait! Pre-order today and get the MAJOR pre-order discount! To buy a Laser Light Charge & Sync Cable, just click on the button "Pre-Order Today" to be directed to Kickstarter. They will be available just in time for the holidays!

A successful Kickstarter campaign takes a village. You can also help us by getting the word out on social media. Here are some quick links to share our Kickstarter for Twitter and Facebook.