Sabrina and Versalume Announce Joint Development of Smart Garments - 12/11/18
Sabrina, a global leader in performance apparel, and Versalume, an integrated fiber-laser solutions provider today announced a joint development engagement on smart garments for business clients. Smart garments have been the focus of wearable technology for some time. Innovation in this field has included monitoring of biometric symptoms while running, biking, or resting in bed. The introduction of lighted fiber integrated with sensors into smart clothing would allow visualization of such, giving users an unprecedented experience in normal day usage.

When Art Met Science

Optics & Photonics News - 5/16/18
“Light is our main medium. It’s not just illumination; it’s also reflection or even projection, and we like to experiment with that.” Inspired by the thin and flexible fiber lasers from Versalume, an integrated lighting solutions provider, Nonotak created an installation titled “Zero Point 1” that uses many strands of the light-diffusing fiber to create a 3-D grid-like structure, where individual strands are lit up in coordination with ethereal music. The overall effect is complex and geometric—overwhelming the viewer’s senses in an immersive experience.

Photonics Applied: Wearable Photonic Technology

LaserFocusWorld - 2/15/18
"Rather than guiding light with minimal loss to a remote destination, Fibrance is instead lossy fiber that emits light uniformly along its length and takes light to places that bulkier or distributed microLED or OLED lighting options cannot go...Versalume's module confronts one of the biggest challenges of wearable lighting: the size and weight of the power/controller module used to illuminate the fiber."

Ai Weiwei installation set to shine at Amsterdam Light Festival

The Guardian - 11/27/17
The Chinese artist’s piece, Thinline, which represents a theoretical border, takes pride of place among 36 installations at the city’s land- and canal-based annual light festival.

Versalume Launches USB Cable that Glows with Laser Light on Kickstarter

Digital Journal - 10/16/17
“We couldn’t be more excited for this Kickstarter campaign,” says Paniccia. “As a funding platform for innovators, Kickstarter is crucial to bringing this technology accessory to life! It allows us to be nimble as we develop light applications for the market and puts our product in the hands of best-in-class users.”

Computex 2017 - Versalume - 玻璃光纖 發光耳機 讓你在寧靜的夜晚成為眾人的焦點

電腦王阿達 - 6/1/17
See what visitors at the largest IT tradeshow in Asia - Computex - has to say about Versalume and it's latest products.

Designing with Fiber Light

Architect Magazine - 5/30/17
In April, Corning's Versalume, along with interdisciplinary collaboration consultancy Project61, invited artists, architects, fashion designers, engineers, and interior designers to its first LiTT Workshop to test and display their Fibrance creations. The results impressed Versalume CEO Mario Paniccia, who told Katharine Keane, “I was curious to see what people [would come] up with and I was actually surprised.

Genesis GV80 Fuel Cell Concept SUV taillight

Auto-Types - 5/24/17
Hyundai unveiled at the Auto Show in New York a new Genesis premium product of its brand - the Genesis GV80 concept is designed to predict a future SUV. Several months ago, Hyundai officially announced its intention to compete in the premium segment with a brand new setup, called Genesis after its luxury model sold in the United States.

Illuminating Fiber Enters Lighting Ecosystem

Architectural Lighting - 5/16/17
When materials science company Corning announced its investment in Silicon Valley–based integrated solutions provider Versalume in June 2016, it was with the express goal of “accelerating the adoption of [the company's] fiber lighting technology.” Called Fibrance, Corning’s light-diffusing fiber had taken five years to develop. It is made of glass with a polymer cladding, and at only one millimeter thick, is flexible enough to wrap around one’s finger and can provide uniform illumination with a single laser attachment up to 10 meters long (approximately 33 feet).

Getting LiTT with Versalume

Corning - 5/4/17
Versalume’s Light in Transformative Technologies workshop brought together artists, engineers, and architects for a brilliantly inspiring experience. Brilliant bursts of inspiration come in all shapes and sizes – whether it’s your typical light bulb or a slim, bendable strand of Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber lighting the way. But inspiration – and development – doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes collaboration, expertise, and a willingness to step out of the box to find the right answer. A combination Versalume knows quite well.

How Versalume plans to light up basketball courts to enhance experience for refs, fans

Sports Illustrated - 4/19/17
The day before the hardwood floor at Haas Pavilion at the University of California, Berkeley was to be ripped up and replaced after another year on the athletic playing surface, a Silicon Valley-based company got access to the arena to conduct a test.

Corning Watch: A new generation of fiber

Stargazette - 3/15/17
Corning Inc.’s first optical fiber, developed more than 50 years ago, was designed to revolutionize communications. It did that, and more. Today, the Fortune 500 company is experimenting with new versions of optical fiber, whose job is to decorate the world.

Versalume partners with Infraconcepts to distribute Lighting Fibers in Europe

Infraconcepts - 2/22/17
Versalume LLC announced today that Infraconcepts Netherlands B.V. a leading provider of innovative broadband concepts will be distributing Versalume products and technologies. Through this partnership, Infraconcepts will expand Versalume’s reach in several European countries.

Versalume to Develop Corning Light-Diffusing Fiber

Photonics Media - 7/5/16
Corning Inc. has invested in optical fiber developer Versalume LLC to create smart, integrated products and solutions based on Corning’s Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fiber. Versalume will lead all commercial development efforts for Fibrance, serve as its exclusive distributor and offer integrated technology solutions. Corning will leverage its glass and materials science expertise to manufacture Fibrance. Corning representatives also will serve on Versalume’s board of directors.