Fibrance® Opens Up New Avenues for Lighting Design

Corning® Fibrance® offers the brilliance and flexibility that no other lighting technology provides. From consumer electronics to apparel, to architectural design, Fibrance® opens up new avenues for laser-lighting that otherwise would not have been possible.


Consumer Electronics

Fibrance® improves the aesthetic and user experience of any personal device in low lighting environments. Whether pulsating to music or illuminating a power button, Fibrance® is flexible enough to contour or wrap any element in a device.

Apparel & Wearables

Clothing for low lighting not only is visually exciting, it can protect wearers in the darkness. Sew or weave Fibrance® into apparel. The thin form factor makes Fibrance® the ideal material for wearable lighting design.


Decorative and functional lighting is essential to automotive design. Fibrance® offers enough versatility to light any vehicle element: dashboard, tail lights, center console, etc.

Architecture & Landscaping

The right ambient lighting can transform any space. Avoid the bulk of other lighting solutions by embedding Fibrance® into flooring, molding, and cabinetry. Fibrance® is also a great solution for exterior lighting in landscaping, signage, and pools or spas.

Versalume Fibrance Architecture


Add Fibrance® to home appliances such as refrigerators, cooktops, or washing machines as decorative or functional lighting. With Fibrance®, indicate when a unit or product is on or provide extra lighting inside certain appliances.