Introducing Infinity25 & Infinity50

When 10 meters of continuous lighting just isn’t enough for your larger-scale lighting applications, we now have two longer length solutions. Infinity25 and Infinity50 are 25 meter and 50 meter long Corning® Fibrance® light diffusing fibers with 25m and 50m diffusion lengths, respectively.

Standard Infinity25 is terminated on one end with a single FC connector and standard Infinity50 is terminated with FC connectors on both ends, allowing you to light up the fiber from both sides. 

Just think: you can now light up over half a football field of distance with a single piece of Infinity. With the introduction of these longer lengths, we are also announcing a more powerful 400mW laser source in addition to the 70mW and 100mW sources currently available. See the Versalume store for more details.