Lighting Up the Future of Basketball

As many basketball teams are wrapping up their seasons and going home, Versalume is just getting started. Not only did our very own Coach Keating bring some special lit-up hats to the ABC Warriors post-game show this week, but we were also featured in an article in Sports Illustrated talking about the future of basketball with Versalume.

When we heard our partners at Conner Sports were putting in a new floor at the Cal Berkeley basketball arena, we jumped at the opportunity to experiment with lighting up the perimeter of the court before replacing the hard wood floor. The goal would be to light up the baseline or sidelines when the shot clock or game clock expires, giving the referees another view to determine if the shot was released on time. In addition, enhancing the pre-game and half-time shows with interactive floor lighting is another great opportunity that would benefit fans. Stay tuned as we experiment more on these new use cases for Versalume technology.