Take Your Light Designs Everywhere with Single-Color Mini Modules






The new tiny Single Color Mini Module Laser and DriverUnleash greater design possibilities with our battery powered, Single-Color Mini Module, now available in the Versalume Store.

Mini Modules are bright, compact, and fully integrated with lasers and drivers optimized for Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber. Battery powered, these Mini Modules come pre-attached to 1 meter of fiber, making them perfect for light-weight, portable lighting projects.

The Mini Module lasers come in red, green, or blue.

When purchased with one of the Mini Modules batteries, you'll also receive one of our elegant USB battery chargers, completing the small, yet powerful set and giving you everything you need to start your first or fiftieth Versalume project.

Purchase a Single-Color Mini Modules today to see the world in a different light. Visit the Versalume Store to get all the product details and the full spec sheet.