See and Be Seen with Versalume Light Up Clothing

Summer is almost over, but festival season is just heating up. Whether you're headed to Outside Lands or Coachella, light up clothing is trendy and useful must-have item.

Are you considering light up clothing for your next festival? Here's why festival goers choose Versalume:

  • Customizability - light up clothing is an excellent way to give your festival clothing a touch of personalization. Attach Versalume to your favorite festival outfit or design a brand new item. 
  • Brightness - Versalume as 10x the intensity of EL Wire and is guaranteed to be equally bright from the beginning of the wire to the end. 
  • Durability - Experienced festival goers know to expect all kinds outdoor factors such as weather. Versalume technology is proven to work in all kinds of environments like water and ice

Thanks to its durable and flexible qualities, Versalume along with Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber allows you to create any design for light up clothing. Versalume Laser Light hats and custom Laser light jackets are pictured below.















Order a set of custom Versalume Laser Light Hats today or create your own light up clothing design with the Versalume Single Color Mini Module