The Multi-Color Smart Module for Ultimate Lighting Design is Now Available

Whether you're an architect, lighting expert, entrepreneur, application engineer, artist, or maker, the combination of Bluetooth-enabled electronics, environmental sensors, powerful lasers, and Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber gives you the power to let your imagination go. We're proud to introduce the Multi-Color Smart Module.

With three integrated lasers (red, green, blue) and 8 sensors all in a compact form factor you can control the laser output to any color based on your environment. Imagine making your fiber dance to music, shine blue when it's cold, or turn red when it's hot. Imagine making the fiber brighter as the sun sets and the ambient light dims. Imagine lighting up your car when you accelerate or lighting up your drone when it reaches a certain altitude.

The Versalume Smart Module comes with 2 meters of Fibrance Fiber terminated with an LC connector and an integrated 430 mAh rechargeable LiPo battery - giving you hours of portable operation. Download the free Bluetooth-enabled iOS app to control the Smart Module from your phone.

The Versalume Multi-Color Smart Module is the ultimate developer tool to experiment with new applications and possibilities. Order yours today.