Versalume and Fibrance® Brighten CES 2017

The Versalume team had a fantastic and productive time at CES® 2017 in Las Vegas. We’re more excited than ever about the innovative applications popping up for Versalume & Fibrance.

Here are a few places where Versalume provided Fibrance to help draw in CES booth visitors and reinforce customer brands.


A stunning Automotive application, with a glass-enabled electric concept car at the Corning booth.

Corning® Fibrance® Light Diffusing Fiber formed a stylish outline on the touch-display steering column, and also accented the front headlights. Fibrance technology also served as a charging indicator and proximity alert for other drivers.


Laser manufacturer Osram projected its innovative brand by showing a futuristic car wireframe.

Versalume worked closely with Osram to integrate Fibrance into their booth. The booth back wall came alive with thirty-two floor-to-ceiling 25 feet long strands of Fibrance, simulating an ever-changing rainbow.


Sumitomo Electric Group exhibited its new smart-home technologies.

The highlight of the booth was a tapestry-like wall hanging made from a multitude of long Versalume Fiber strands.

Art was also on display at the Corning booth with stunning chandeliers featuring Corning® Fibrance® Light Diffusing Fiber. Designers love the fact that with Fibrance technology, light can literally be molded and shaped into beautiful sculptures.

We are already excited about the ways Versalume technology will be used with designers and innovators in the months ahead. We can’t wait to see the brilliance of your work. Let us know if we can provide you with any help along the way.

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