Versalume Highlights from CES 2018

Attendees Flocked to Las Vegas to be Dazzled, Versalume Impresses with Laser Lighting 

A must-attend event for innovators, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has been the launch pad for many exciting innovations in technology that have changed the world over the last 50+ years. Held in Las Vegas and attracting more than 184K attendees from 150 countries, CES 2018 was no exception.

This technology epicenter was an excellent opportunity for Versalume to meet with both new and existing customers and partners, and we did so in style! From light up jackets and hats to futuristic car exhibitions, Versalume stood out in the crowd.

Here are some of Versalume’s highlights from the showroom floor:

Motorized Suitcases for the Modern Traveler

Modobag is the ultimate accessory for modern travelers. Exclusively designed for CES, these Modobag product models delighted audiences from exhibit displays and the expo floor!

Modobag and Versalume at CES

Chicago entrepreneur and avid traveler, Kevin O’Donnell created this innovative product. The idea struck him when he was pulling the kids on his suitcase at the airport, and wondered, “Why can’t we ride our luggage and get to where we’re going faster with less stress?”

With Versalume, these motor-power suitcases are not only ideal for helping you get from one place to another but light your way through on-coming crowds. Laser lighting technology is excellent for adding a touch of customization, fun, and safety all rolled into one.

Check out our CEO Mario taking the Modobag for a spin.

Mario on a Modobag at CES

Upscale Rideshare Accessories

Last year, Michael, a Las Vegas rideshare driver, requested early access to our Laser Light Charge & Sync Cables on Kickstarter to deck out his ride. Not only did we send him a few cables, but made sure to meet up with him while in Las Vegas for CES.

Rideshare Accessories

Here’s what Michael had to say.

"To be a top-rated rideshare driver in Las Vegas, you need to stand out from the rest! The most popular amenity in my car by far now is the Laser Light Charge & Sync Cables from Versalume. They are SO bright and are the first thing that catches my customer's eyes when they get in. Customers leave my ride with a charged phone, a fun experience, and I get a 5-star rating."

We had the pleasure of cruising around The Las Vegas Strip with Michael and his Versalume decked out rideshare. What a blast! And, we gifted Michael a Custom Laser Light Hat to add to his collection of Versalume swag. We’re excited to hear what his customers have to say!

Luxury Car Head and Tail Lights

Futuristic cars were a highlight of CES. Along with self-driving capabilities and built-in voice recognition software, intelligent lighting was one of the significant automotive innovations this year.

Mercedes-Benz, one of the top automotive exhibitors at CES, genuinely wants to start the electromobile revolution. And, they’re expanding their offerings to include specific products, services, and innovations which go far beyond just driving -- including lighting technology.

The Mercedes EQA Concept Car (below) that was introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show September 2017 features Versalume in the head and tail lights. Our unique thin and flexible technology allows the lights to glow as if breathing and adds a 3D like design to the lights. An impressive visual to see in person!


We came away from CES excited about how designers and innovators want to use Versalume technology in their ideas and applications. We can’t wait to see the brilliance of these new products in the future. Let us know if we can provide you with any help along the way.

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