Versalume Partners with Infraconcepts to Distribute its Transformative Lighting Products in Europe

Infraconcepts Versalume LLC announced today that Infraconcepts Netherlands B.V., a leading provider of innovative broadband concepts, will now distribute Versalume products and technologies.

Through this partnership, Infraconcepts will expand Versalume’s reach in several European countries.

"As demand for Versalume’s innovative lighting technologies and Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber increases, it is vital that we work with industry partners who can supply technical support and distribute products to customers across Europe," said Mario Paniccia, CEO of Versalume.

"Infraconcepts brings to the partnership over 20 years of experience with a broad range of industries such as Telecom, Energy, Civil Engineering, Datacenters, and Architecture."

“Their innovative technology of thin, flexible fibers opens up incredible possibilities for lighting design,” Jasper Bilsen, CEO of Infraconcepts Netherlands B.V. said. “Our extensive knowledge and experience in the European fiber optic market will allow us to support the the integration of Versalume technologies into our customer's products.”

To learn more about Infraconcepts Netherlands B.V. visit and for more information on the partnership email