Versalume Targets Sports and Entertainment Industries with Appointment of Kerry Keating

We're thrilled to announce that Kerry Keating has joined Versalume, LLC as a Senior Strategist focusing on Sport and Entertainment.

Keating brings over 22 years of experience at the highest level of collegiate athletics as a basketball coach with assistant roles at Seton Hall, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Tulsa, Tennessee, UCLA, and as a Head Coach in the heart of Silicon Valley for nine years at Santa Clara University.

Widely regarded as a technologically advanced coach, Keating has sought beta programs and advisor roles at organizations developing cutting-edge recruiting and development tools for his teams and student-athletes. Those relationships include Synergy, Sports Code, and Fast Draw among many others over the last 20+ years.

As a Division 1 basketball coach, Keating has built a strong network at the collegiate level and in professional basketball arenas where his former players have gone on to compete.

"I'm excited to be joining the Versalume team," Keating said, "and I look forward to helping develop smart lighting solutions that can provide unique visual and informational benefits in the sport and entertainment industries. The possibilities are endless."

To learn more about the Versalume team and the innovative applications for Corning® Fibrance® visit the Versalume Store.