Viberlight Shines with Versalume

We're excited to show two cool activities from our distributor Viberlight in the Netherlands.

Lighting Up Yachts

Partnering with Esthec Nautical Decking and part of what they call the "Waterdream" project they have integrated Versalume technology to light up a logo and the flooring into a Super Yacht. The colors and look of this are just stunning. Watch the video to see how beautiful this looks. Viberlight is working to enable more Yachts with this technology as we head into 2019.

GLOW International Light Festival, Endenhoven

Approximately 800,000 people visited the GLOW International Light festival last week to see the various lighting displays. Viberlight worked with a team to create a bird flying over the city using lines of laser light. Just amazing.