Connectorization Kit


The Versalume Connectorization Kit contains all that you need to successfully terminate your bulk Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber for connector replacement or in-line connections.

The Connectorization Kit contains:
  • Carrying case 
  • Adjustable buffer stripping tool
  • Scribe for cleaving
  • Glass polishing plate
Consumables included:
  • (1) set of (3) polishing papers
  • (5) isopropanol moistened towelettes
  • Epoxy

Choose whether you want FC or LC components when purchasing your kit.

FC Specific Components:
  • (5) FC ferrules and (2) split sleeve couplers
  • (2) FC connectors
  • FC polishing puck
LC Specific Components:
  • (5) Ceramic LC Ferrule Assemblies
  • (2) LC connectors
  • LC polishing puck

Purchase refill packs of the consumables here.


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