Installation Accessories


Install Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber on walls, windows, bikes, cars, hats, fabrics, and much more. Start with our Installation Sample Kit to see the various options of tubing, welts, corner attachments, and bulbs with adhesive backings. Once you know what you need or have your specific project defined, you can easily order larger quantities here. Please note the length or number of fasteners included with each order. 

  • Keyhole Welt (1/8") - 5 m
  • Keyhole Welt (1/4") - 5 m
  • Fiberfast Corners (A & B) - 10 A & 10 B
  • LDPE Tubing - 5m
  • 3M Fiber Track & Cap - 5 m each
  • CRL Translucent Vinyl "D Bulb" - 5 m

    Not sure what you need? Check out the Installation Sample Kit to get started.

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