Laser Light Charge & Sync Cable



Lighting is the ultimate form of expression. From ambiance to creative design, it can transform anything it touches. Say goodbye to boring, hard-to-find cables. Charge your Apple, Andriod, and Windows devices with a USB cable as seen on Kickstarter that pulses with vibrant laser light.

Feature Versalume Laser Light Charge & Sync Cables in any low-light environment or take it with you at night as a decorative and safety accessory. Use it on the go with a USB battery charger or in your car charging outlet; this cable works with any AC adapter. You're sure to dazzle and impress with this expertly designed technology.

Product Features

  • Cable uses a "breathing feature" to show that the device is charging.
  • Cable light stays on for 30 minutes while not actively connected to device.
  • Cable blinks 5 times when device is charged or disconnected from power.

Product Specifications

    • 1 meter (3 feet) cable length, 6mm wide, and 3mm thick.
    • Choose either: 
      • 1) Apple & Android (USB-A to Micro-USB and a Micro-USB to Lighting adapter for Apple devices)
      • 2) Android (Micro USB to USB-C)
  • The cable is available in 3 colors: Red, Green, and Blue.

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