Single Color Wearable Module - STAFF FAVORITE!


Light up your apparel and accessories with vibrant optical fiber! The Versalume Wearable Module was designed to make Lighting Technology easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and portable to go where you go.

The compact modules come in three primary colors: red, green and blue and features three different light settings to customize the lighting appearance: continuous, blink, and a fade mode. Users power on and off and select the light settings from a simple push button on the front of the module.

Versalume Single Color Wearable Module Product Diagram

Now you have a wearable light solution for all kinds of activities:

  • Make yourself seen when running or biking
  • Wear it to protect yourself while working outside
  • Show support for your favorite sports team
  • Illuminate costumes and other types of party attire or accessories

Safety vest with the Versalume Single Color Wearable Module

The module comes standard with:

  • 2 meters of detachable LC-connectorized Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber
  • An integrated, rechargeable battery that can be charged by a micro-USB type-B connector and a 5V power supply
  • A removable clip holder for secure attachment
  • A micro-USB charge cable

Module Dimensions & Weight:

Dimensions Weight
65x24x12mm 20g

Single Color Wearable Module Specification Sheet


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