Bulk Fiber


Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber is a glass optical fiber made for thin, colorful, aesthetic lighting. This technology enables decorative lighting to be designed or embedded into tight or small places where other bulky lighting elements cannot fit.

With this fiber, designers can add light into a product where and how they want, while enhancing the product’s overall appeal, functionality, and user experience. Fibrance technology can be connected to a variety of optical connectors for attachment to Single-Color and Multi-Color Modules. Fibrance technology is available in three light diffusing lengths for lighting flexibility and can be ordered in a broad range of physical lengths.

Connectors and connectorizing tools are required to terminate fiber and lasers are required to light it. Please contact engineering@versalume.com for guidelines and recommendations.

There are more options of bulk fiber: 500m, 1000m +.  If you are interested in the bulk fiber, feel free to inquire sales@versalume.com.

Bulk Fiber Specification Sheet

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