Single-Color Mini Module


Versalume’s Single Color Mini Module is available in three primary colors: red, green, blue, and Moonlite white. This small, compact device comes with an integrated laser and driver board, all pre-assembled. Each Mini Module comes attached with 1 meter of Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber. It is electrically terminated with a JST connector that can be easily connected to a standard LiPo battery. If the JST connector is removed, the light intensity can also be varied using a control wire and Pulse Width Modulation. The Single Color Mini Module is the perfect solution for integrating light into tight spaces as well as for exploring other unique design concepts.

Be sure you have or purchase a JST connected battery and charger for use with this laser product.

Battery Capacity & Color Durations:

Medium (350 mAh) Large (1200 mAh)
Red 5.2 hr 17.8 hr

3.8 hr

13.4 hr

3.1 hr

11.0 hr

3.8 hr

13.4 hr

* The time estimates above will depend on the condition of your battery, temperature, and other operating conditions.

Battery Dimensions & Weight:

Dimensions Weight
Medium 36x20x5.6 mm 7.9 g
Large 66x34x5 mm 23 g

Single Color Mini Module Specification Sheet

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