Celtics Bring Versalume to Pregame Festivities

Pregame entertainment with performances, lights, and music is a big part of all NBA games. That's because sports fans are looking to immerse themselves in experiences that not only entertain, but make them feel like part of the team. It's no longer enough for basketball team owners to feature DJs and play media on jumbo screens before home games. As a brilliant, powerful lighting option, lasers are taking a front seat at NBA arenas for the 2017-18 season!

Versalume has engaged with NBA teams to bring more exciting lighting experiences to live events.

Last year it was the Warriors. This year we're giving the Celtics a home court advantage.

As the Boston Celtics have rocketed to the top of NBA standings, they are pulling out all stops with Versalume! The attached video sent to us by a fan shows Lucky, the Celtics mascot, charging around the court during pregame activities with a flag that practically glows with Leprechaun magic.

Versalume and CelticsVersalume and Celtics

Rally banners and swag are just the beginning! Here, Sports Illustrated discusses how laser lighting might also be applied to basketball courts to enhance fan experience and aid referees in making better calls. You'll certainly be seeing Versalume at more sporting events across the world in the future.

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