CES 2019 & The Big Bang Theory

CES 2019

We had another great showing at CES visiting with existing customers and meeting new ones. Our lighted hats and jackets came back to life in Vegas and got us a ton of attention! Versalume technology was featured in the Warner Brothers and Intel Immersive CES Experience which previewed the future of entertainment in autonomous vehicles.

Our laser and fiber technology was integrated into the seats and changed color with the environment inside the car, enhancing the immersive experience. Look for more news on Versalume and autonomous vehicles in the future.

Versalume in The Big Bang Theory

Versalume technology was used in a recent filming of The Big Bang Theoryas part of Leonard's new research laser. Check out the tube that's glowing and you'll find two Versalume Laser Light Charge & Sync Cables!

As Leonard says: “That’s cool!"

Stay tuned as Versalume gets more engaged with Hollywood and movie production studios in 2019!

Check out the relevant clip or the full episode.