Infinity25 & Infinity50


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When 10 meters of continuous lighting just isn’t enough for your larger-scale lighting applications, we now offer two new longer length fiber products: introducing Infinity25 and Infinity50. Infinity25 consists of 25 meters of Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber on a spool, with a diffusion length of 25 meters. It comes standard on a spool with a single-ended FC connector. Infinity50 consists of 50 meters of Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fiber on a reel with a diffusion length of 50 meters. It comes on a fiber reel with double-ended FC connectors standard, allowing you to light up the fiber from both sides. 50 meters of continuous light? That is more than half an American football field!

For these longer length applications, consider purchasing our higher-power (70 or 100mW) FC connectorized lasers. If more light is needed for your application, we now have greater than 400mW laser sources available for special order. Infinity25 and Infinity50 can also be purchased in bulk by specifying in the quote request below.

In the event that you want additional connectors due to integration requirements, ability to customize, or for double-sided connectivity, check out our accessory kits.

Infinity Specification Sheet

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