Moonlite1.5 & Moonlite3.5


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When you are looking for continuous and uniform white light without the expense of full RGB, we now offer two new developmental fibers: introducing Moonlite1.5 and Moonlite3.5. Moonlite1.5 and Moonlite3.5 fiber spools consist of 1.5 and 3.5 meter lengths, respectively, of Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber with integrated phosphor and a single-ended FC connector. Pairing Moonlite1.5 or Moonlite3.5 with a Versalume blue laser diode creates bright and pure white lighting perfect for those applications where you are looking for a more achromatic aesthetic.

For an optimized experience, we recommend purchase of a low-power FC connectorized blue laser for Moonlite1.5 and either the low-power or high-power FC connectorized blue laser for Moonlite3.5. With a standard color temperature of 5000K, these new products provide you with “moonlight” that can be routed where other bulky lighting solutions cannot fit. Moonlite1.5 and Moonlite3.5 can also be purchased in bulk and at other color temperatures by specifying in the quote request below.

If you want additional connectors due to integration requirements, ability to customize, or for double-sided connectivity, check out our connectorization kits.

Moonlite Specification Sheet

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